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Christians today trace our heritage of faith to the first followers of Christ in the book of Acts. Through this captivating account of these believers, you will discover that modern-day culture is not all that different — and its lessons are just as applicable today as they were two thousand years ago.

Listen to the podcast alone, or use it as a supplement to Jill McSheehy's Bible Study, Journey through Acts. Either way, you'll enjoy digging into this incredible book of the Bible through the Journey through Acts Podcast!

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Aug 31, 2017

Life is pretty grand for the new Christian converts. Then everything changes in an instant. But instead of bowing in the face of persecution, we see the beginnings of the gospel proclaimed to the nations -- and two thousand years later -- us! 

In today's episode of the Journey through Acts podcast, we'll consider why Luke spends so much time recounting Stephen's sermon, and why Stephen even bothers schooling the religious leaders in their own history. Then, we'll watch as tragedy turns to mission, one most of us as non-Jews can trace as the beginnings of our spiritual heritage.