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Christians today trace our heritage of faith to the first followers of Christ in the book of Acts. Through this captivating account of these believers, you will discover that modern-day culture is not all that different — and its lessons are just as applicable today as they were two thousand years ago.

Listen to the podcast alone, or use it as a supplement to Jill McSheehy's Bible Study, Journey through Acts. Either way, you'll enjoy digging into this incredible book of the Bible through the Journey through Acts Podcast!

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Aug 24, 2017

What if the anger we see in others (or ourselves) actually masks hidden insecurities, guilt, or fear? If we could look beneath the rage, could what we see motivate to exercise more grace?

In today's episode we'll look at some possible motivations for those persecuting the apostles. We'll explore why a particular statement of Peter's incited such a heated response. Then we'll dive into the first church conflict.

In each of these instances, we see that life then isn't all that different. And we can apply the wisdom of the those who walked with Jesus to our present-day lives.